Blocked Isocyanates

Trixene BI series

Baxenden's range of blocked Isocyanates designed for use when manufacturing one component heat cure coatings. Baxenden Chemicals is at the forefront of blocked isocyanate technology, with the range being designed for high performance coatings in a wide range of application areas including :

  • Cathodic or anodic electrodeposition
  • Electrostatic Spraying
  • Curtain Coating
  • Coil Coating 

Employing the Mechanism

Blocked Isocyanates - Employing the Mechanism


Using raw materials that include : Isocyanates - HDI (Biuret /Trimer). IPDI / IPDI Trimer. TDI TmXDI MDI. Blocking Agents -

  • Caprolactam
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime
  • Di-ethyl malonate

Baxenden Chemicals Ltd patented blocking agent - 3,5 Dimethyl Pyrazole ( DMP Molecule )

Blocked Isocyanates - Dimethyl Pyrazole

Which when utilised gives a wide range of blocked isocyanates which can thermally unblock as low as 80ºC (with aromatic isocyanates), giving a balance of low temperature unblocking and excellent physical properties in one pack systems.

The key benefits of using Baxenden Trixene BI range of blocked Iso''s which consist of solvent / water borne and 100% solids include:

A range of flexibility, functionality and branching. A range of blocking agents to meet de-blocking temperature requirements (80º - 160ºC) Compatibility and stability in the presence of hydroxyl bearing resins including polyester, polyether, acrylates, as well as epoxy and phenolic resins. Monomeric isocyanate emissions well below safety limits during cross linking. Exceptional colour retention and pigment tolerance. No significant V.O.C increases compared with standard coatings when using DMP technology. No significant overbake yellowing when using aliphatic systems and DMP blocking agent. No interference with acid catalysts in clear coats on overcoating melamine containing basecoats. Solids content suitable for medium to high solids coatings. Water dispersible and emulsified blocked isocyanates for low V.O.C coatings.

The range can also be used for heat activated adhesives and many other application areas.

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